5 Things You Need to Know About Edith (hernest’s Perfect Jogger)

They say that you shouldn’t mess with perfection. And when it comes to finding the perfect jogger pant, we have been exceptionally diligent about chipping away at little tweaks to help us strive for this holy grail of fashion perfection.

But first, a little bit of context about what goes into making the “perfect” piece.

The Edith Slim Jogger has actually gone through four evolutions so far, continuously building on the positive feedback our customers have for this fan fave. There are five key elements to what makes Edith a staple - here’s how it happened. 

Waistbands that Don’t Fold

Flat waistbands? No thanks. 

There’s nothing worse than sitting in the car or walking down the street only to have the waistband on your tights or joggers roll on you. Unfortunately, even the priciest yoga pants tend to overlook this critical comfort requirement, leaving women feeling bulky and restricted when what you’re trying to go for is sleek and comfortable. Having experienced this first hand, I was keen to make this priority numero uno when designing Edith so that she would simply stay put.

The Tight/Jogger Crossover

The Edith Slim Jogger is designed to offer the best of both worlds—a slim, sleek look (like a tight) but with the comfort and forgiveness of a jogger. Because we all have to do a lot more with less time, I hoped Edith could be that multi-purpose piece that could get my customers through their days and nights. The versatility of the silhouette means you can style it with different tops and look polished wherever your day takes you. But the best part? It’s comfortable enough to sleep in (which goes a long way when you want to look “fitted” but not feel “fitted”). 


And it Has Pockets? 

Of course, it does. Because we all know how much of a difference pockets make for busy women on the go, Edith can meet the moment and help make life easier, which means you may need joggers with pockets to stash just about anything. But not all pockets are created equal! We’ve thoughtfully angled this jogger’s pockets so that they frame the waist nicely and minimize puff and bulk. 



It really sucks when you choose a garment, buy it, and throw it on at home, only to realize it’s got ill-placed or ill-finished seams that ruin its fit and feel. So, we finish all of our seams with coverstitches, giving the Edith Slim Jogger an elevated finish. Not only do the bum and side seams have this finished detail, but so does the inner leg seam (something that you won’t commonly find on other loungewear or sleepwear bottoms). It contributes to a sleeker look that also maximizes their wear and longevity.

Butter Soft Fabric

If you know me at all, then you know I’m all about fibres and fabric. So I’m super proud about the signature blend that we innovated (through trial and error) with our fabric maker/dyer—a blend of TENCEL, Organic Cotton, and recycled elastane that gives us our unique soft and smooth feel. But what’s really neat about this fabric is that it’s an interlock, which means that it’s not just super soft on the inside, it’s also on the outside. And it’s super breathable and comfortable because it’s got a four-way stretch that is 98% biodegradable (unlike nylon or virgin Spandex). Learn more about our commitment to the environment (and going carbon neutral).

 What are your jogger must-haves? Drop me a DM and let me know your favourite design details as I continue the quest to create the perfect jogger.