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hernest: versatile & functional fashion

woman wearing blue loungewear sweatshirt

Cassandra Osborn |

When I started hernest I had my own idea of how these garments would fit into my life. What I didn't anticipate was the full meaning of the word "versatility."



It’s kind of what we live for here at hernest.

This is why we originally designed our clothes to cross the divide of daytime/nighttime and all the places life may take you. Here are some ways our customers are wearing our garments.. 



Whether you’re rolling out of bed and straight to school drop off, or perhaps running errands that engulf your day - our clothes are meant to be as adaptive as your to-do list needs us to be. Timeless, classic design means you can look good doing whatever you need to do.

hernest daytime streetwear outfit comfort



If it’s a family vacation road trip or a weekly flight for work, the inconveniences of travel are taxing on the body and mind. We designed hernest for the utmost comfort and breathability so that - no matter where you are - you’ll feel at ease in what you’re wearing.



hernest travel-wear loungewear

No matter where you are - take a piece of home with you for comfort. 


Taking a self-care moment (or a few) means needing to minimal distractions. Instead of feeling itchy, restricted, or too hot/too cold, you can count on hernest to help you feel cozy and relaxed without the too-tight feel of traditional activewear.


Hernest - for meditation


Self Care

Our forgiving fabrics won’t stretch beyond recognition or leave you feeling like a ball of chaos. Instead, they’ll help keep you smooth and serene (and temperature-controlled). 


Hernest Pyjama set for self care


Working From Home

Without a physical office or colleagues to see, it can be easy to let a sense of style fall by the wayside. Add a hint of stylish sophistication with our expertly cut flattering lines to upgrade from pyjamas to polish. 



hernest working from home versatile clothing

Night Time

If you’ve got an intricate bedtime routine or just collapse between the sheets, you can rest easy wearing hernest. With our socially and environmentally-conscious production methods, our clothes are not only made well - they’re made from fabrics that won’t wreak havoc on our landfills.



hernest sleep dress

Where will Hernest take you?