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Our Story

We were founded out of self-discovery - finding yourself, being yourself… we’re all about it. We’re confident, but rest assured we’re thankful you have our backs.

Factory tour

Behind The Scenes

At hernest we understand the challenge of finding sleepwear and loungewear that is uncompromising on comfort and style. We also know the apparel industry is a big contributor to our environmental crisis and social injustice. We want to do things differently and influence change in our industry by changing the world through our business practices.

Inception Story

I started Hernest because I couldn’t find beautiful, functional, sleepwear that could double as loungewear that was also good for the planet and social well-being. The apparel industry, with its very linear nature of extract, produce and dispose and its exploitation of people, has come under fire recently and rightly so. People want and expect more from the companies they purchase from, invest in and work for. We want more.

I believe in doing things a different way. I believe that we can re imagine a future where businesses thrive within the constraints of the planet and support resilient communities. So when I started to dream about building Hernest, sustainability was at the core of every piece, every detail and it was central to everything we did.

2020 and beyond

2020 brought many challenges and it also showed us how system disruption can happen quickly and how it will likely continue as we face a rising climate crisis and systemic social issues. It also showed us that in crisis, we can collectively take massive action. It’s going to be a tough road ahead. We have ten years to dramatically shift our direction before climate change causes irreversible damage, and I believe commerce will be a huge part of the solution.

As a founder, I needed to get crystal clear on how I could maximize the impact of Hernest for good, and set a clear vision and direction for where we wanted to go. That’s why I invested in developing a sustainability strategy based on science, to help us get there and influence others in our industry along the way.

Through this process, we discovered that we want to be a brand that does more than being “less bad”. We realized that our ultimate vision is to be a company that has not only zero impact but also contributes to the resilience of the planet and strong, resilient communities. Check out our Sustainability 2030 Roadmap for more on our next decade of change. We’d love to hear your feedback and we’d love to have you join us on our journey.

— Cass xx


We embrace tomorrow today and we use innovation and creativity to solve some of our biggest challenges.

  • Versatile Design

    Our mission is to craft fashion that feels like home, fostering comfort and belonging through genuine design and conscious curation, while empowering mindful choices and celebrating the feminine spirit.

  • Low Impact

    Through our commitment to sustainable practices, we strive to avoid contributing to the systemic increase in extracted materials, the accumulation of harmful compounds, and the degradation of natural resources.

  • Fair

    Through ethical sourcing and fair labor practices, we aim to remove barriers that hinder individuals from fulfilling their essential needs.

Behind the name

hernest is “her” and “nest” combined

To capture the intention of the brand. Creating a new category of sleep and lounge essentials, elevated in style, reflective of our modern "nest" while speaking to a feminine esthetic.