Design Principles

whether you are on the couch or running errands, hernest makes comfortable, practical loungewear and sleepwear garments that suit your style—and your lifestyle. go-anywhere, do-it-all looks—with movement top of mind.

Principle 01


With a focus on clean lines, classic styles, soft and innovative fabrics we create timeless looks.

Principle 02

freedom of movement

With movement in mind, we design all our garments to be comfortable and unrestrictive, but never frumpy.

Principle 03


With a focus on functional details, innovative fabrics, and a classic color palette, our looks can take you comfortably through the night and into the day.

Principle 04

limited run & circularity

We believe in circular fashion. We carefully consider our material choices and production processes, and emphasise the value of utilising our product right to the end. We choose fabrics that are bio-degradable, use less water and CO₂ and offset our excess emissions (through our partnership with Greenstory). We use cutting edge and computer aided programs to minimize off-cuts in the production process and our production supplier recycles all offcuts. Excess fabric is made into scrunchies. We work with women's shelters to donate returns and samples. We have a resale site to help our customers extend the life of used items. Our goal is to have a take-back program in place by 2025.