why hernest chooses to make their loungewear in Portugal

I recently went to Portugal to visit our partners and sign off on the last few details of our FW19 loungewear collections. I can’t wait to share what we have in store for you for the Fall! 

But before I share some of the things we’ve been working on, you may be wondering…

 Why is hernest making garments in Portugal?

Portugal is well known for their world-class pattern makers and master craftsmen and women, specialising in high-quality materials and garments. That’s why Portugal has been synonymous with quality of workmanship for ages. 

garment inudustry images

But that’s not the only reason we choose Portugal…

  • By making our garments in Portugal, we can also ensure our supply chain remains tight. Our fabric mill is less than 100km from the sewers. This ensures we can manage our carbon footprint.
  • They have skilled professionals implementing and auditing Integrated Management Systems for International Standards (ISO 9001, ISO14001, SA8000, and so on). 
  • Portugal is at the forefront of respecting worker’s human rights. We take comfort in knowing that workers have rights and protection at the government level. 

But beyond all that there’s also the tiles. Oh my, the tiles….



In all seriousness, the decision on where and with who to work was not taken lightly. I believe in circular production of fabrics, in understanding where and how the fibers were harvested, and look for innovations that create minimal impact, in tight supply chains, with strong, worker-centred legislation. 

Portugal was an easy initial choice. for hernest We will always continue to work at finding the best in class fabrics made with minimal impact and with sewers who's skills and craftsmanship are fairly rewarded.