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sleepwear as a wardrobe workhorse

sleepwear as a wardrobe workhorse

Cassandra Osborn |

Every so often, pyjamas take fashion centre stage. 

From silky kimonos to button up pyjama tops to cozy loungewear joggers, the possibilities of sleepwear style are pretty endless. They’ll grace runways and magazine spreads in truly high fashion ways yet remain the ultimate secret weapon of every woman (with or without a personal glam squad). 

So, what makes sleepwear such a closet workhorse? 

The answer is ultimately the most important style factor of all - comfort. 


Victoria’s Secret lingerie aside, sleepwear is usually designed for comfort. And no, we’re not talking about 90s flannel or Hanes Her Way classics. Whether as tunics, sets, or separates sleepwear is usually cut in forgiving fits to maximize comfort.

Baggy isn’t synonymous with best, so many sleepwear lines are designing to the ifestyle and aesthetic of modern women who want flattering style. Garments that can transition from night to day, or day to night, offer great value over unflattering wardrobe picks. Save time, save changes of clothes, look good while you’re at it.




To feel good about wearing soft, breathable and eco-conscious garments you’ve got to get choosy about your purchases (and what fabric is being used). At hernest, we choose to manufacture our products with TENCEL Lyocel ® for it’s many, many, many benefits (including how it fits into our socially responsible production chain). There’s more power in your purchase than you may think! 

Wearing sleepwear made of high-quality fabric (and in flattering fits) can make for a seamless look that’s handy whether you sleep in and miss school bus pick up or choose to roll up to brunch without a fuss.



With the right fit and fabric taken care of, your sleepwear style will come down to functionality. Know why no one wears negligees? Because they’re not useful! Where are the pockets on those? Having high-quality garments that can transition through your day is only possible if they fit the demands of what life throws your way. Pockets, drawstrings, hidden seams - we design our pieces with the most thoughtful details so you can keep doing your thing in them.

While wearing a silk pyjama set out to run errands may seem a little bit excessive (unless you’re Barbara Streisand), you can take great joy in choosing pieces that wear well inside the house as much as they do out. Sleepwear and loungewear cross-over in our busy daily lives so well - why not own it?