6 online shopping tips your wallet will approve of

Online ordering is so widespread now that it applies to pretty much every imaginable need we might have.

From groceries to government documents, from Amazon to Zappos – shopping online is often the only way to find specific items or brands. But shopping for clothes on the Internet takes away a few sensory experiences you'd get in a store (like touch and smell). To overcome the uncertainty of buying clothes online, here are six online shopping tips to help you feel more confident with your next purchase.


Visualize It

Take it from a clothing designer – you need to invest in good photography and product descriptions. Without a brick and mortar shop (located everywhere around the world), it is next to impossible to convey the quality and style of clothing without great visuals. Be sure to check out product photos zoomed in to get a sense of the fabric and seams. To get the most detailed perspective, view the lightest shade of a product, and be sure to look at front and back photos.


Look at the Model

Inspecting photos of the clothes you’re ordering on a model is super helpful, especially if you pay close attention to details like pockets, seams, and hems. Does the model have their hand in their pants pocket because it’s lumpy or because it’s how they’re posing? When in doubt, check the brand’s social media feeds for extra photos of the clothes you’re interested in so you can validate how they’ll look in action.


Details, Details, Details

Though a picture can say a thousand words, look to product descriptions for more clues about your purchase. Descriptions can give you tips like if the product runs true to size, how to style it, and how to care for it. Product descriptions should include fabric composition so you can get an idea of how it will feel and can help you to deliberate your landfill footprint. Polyester vs. recycled polyester, blended fabrics, angora – customers often have strong opinions of what they’ll buy.


Read the Reviews

Reviews can be helpful to get a sense of how a product fits into someone's life – did they love it, did it last, did they buy more? While negative reviews can often be helpful, they can also be a bit over the top without adequate context. Seeing if a brand or company has tried to assist an unsatisfied customer is arguably more valuable information of what a buying relationship may be like with them. Small businesses can be the customer service hero when it comes to online shopping – they're there for you and want you to love your order.


Feel Confident in The Return/Exchange Policy

Always check out the company's return and exchange policy (especially for international shoppers). If you're not sure – email or DM them to get your questions answered before you order. They're there to support you as a customer and want to ensure you're buying with confidence.


Sign Up for Newsletters

While we’re all bombarded with promotional emails from companies, be sure to sign up for mailing lists from brands you love. This way, you won’t miss any exciting releases or promos. And for all the rest that clutter up your inbox…take a minute to unsubscribe them from your life!


So, while shopping for clothes through your computer may be a bit unsettling at first, with these online shopping tips you’ll be a hawk-eyed pro in no time. And remember – if you ever have any questions about hernest project, I’m just an email or phone call away!