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1 versatile dress, 5 dasy-going looks to try this spring

Blush Pink Women's Frankie Lounge Dress

Alisa Koz |

Written by: Alisa Koz , style blogger

I love versatile clothing. And what can be more flexible than loungewear you can enjoy taking outside and still look chic?

Before we move on to the yummy part of the post, I must say something for the sake of transparency. When Cass reached out and told me she'd like to see the Frankie Lounge Dress styled in different ways, I freaked out. "Me a style blogger? But I wear blue jeans and white tees 90% of the time!" I hesitated at first but then I realised: my simple style is exactly what makes me useful to you. If my slow fashion journey has taught me anything, it is that you don't have to give up comfort to look stylish — and vice versa.

The 5 looks I built around the Frankie dress are super easy to replicate. All you need is a few different layers and several pairs of shoes. I didn't add any accessories to keep the formula accessible and the story's main heroine in focus. The heroine being Frankie, not me!

Ready to level up your clothing capsules game? Let's dive

Outfit 1: Frankie + neutral blazer + kitten heels

This outfit takes me back to summertime Paris. Long walks, picnics on the Seine, and the pop of red on your lips as the sun sets, and you discover why Paris is called the city of light. 

The blazer adds contrast to Frankie's relaxed fit, and the gingham kitten heels bring the coquettish touch into this day-to-night look.

Outfit 2: Frankie + vintage denim + comfy sneakers

My go-to combo when I run errands. I keep the jacket in my tote while conquering the world and use it later when I'm with a friend out for tapas. Where I live in Spain, it gets extra hot in Summer and chilly at night. That's when the jacket comes in handy: the temperature drops down, the air becomes fresh, and I get dressed. 

The denim adds contrasting texture and a boyish mood to the look, while your favourite sneakers let you comfortably work your to-do list.


Outfit 3: Frankie + biker jacket + flats

A look I'd wear to a place with a bunch of people listening to live music, dancing and screaming. Con-cert it's called, isn't it? The last time I went to one of those two years before the pandemic. Like, forever ago. Hopefully, we all get to party soon!

Similarly to the denim+sneakers formula, leather's texture contrasts with Frankie's silky feel, and flats let you move with ease — whether on a dance floor or in your neighborhood.

Outfit 4: Frankie + soft jumper + loafers

I guess it's no secret that dresses are easily transformed into skirts. You layer a chunky sweater or cozy jumper on top of one garment and get a two-pieces outfit! I'm one of those people, though, that doesn't like skirts. There's no rational reason. It's just something I don't buy anymore. But I'm a big fan of effortlessly throwing something on my shoulders no matter the weather. I'm all in for the sweaters over the shoulder trend!


The jumper is easy to carry, and its neutral colour complements the vibrant pink shade of Frankie. The loafers are neutral, too, and don't steal the focus from the main garment.

Outfit 5: Frankie + lose shirt + flats

This one is my favourite because I find it the most versatile of all five looks. It's the outfit I'd wear at home (because I dress for myself!), on a countryside walk with family, out in the city to have lunch with friends, or on a date with my partner. It's elegant yet simple, comfortable but stylish. What's not to love?

This outfit shows that you don't always need contrast for a twist in your look. Both Frankie and the shirt are light and flowy. What makes the look attractive is the subtle print of the top, the pointy shoe, and the yellow detail on its back. Tiny elements that make a big difference!

That's a wrap!

I was surprised by how easy it was to add this juicy TENCEL lounge dress into my neutral capsule. I hardly found garments that didn't match with Frankie — she goes well with everything! And make no mistake, the dress is incredible for sleep, too. Before I sat down to write this for you, I tested Frankie through the 8-hour nap several times.

Try for yourself! And let your creativity flow as you transition your closet from Winter to Spring. Sometimes adding just one new item can bring a lot of life to your old wardrobe-heroes.