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We're here to help, and this guide is meant to support you in making the best size decision. If your need personalized help, please reach out at

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We want you to take your time, ask questions and be 100% comfortable with your purchase. It's important that we get it right and continue to be relevant for our entire  community. We're just one person, but standing by to take your questions and feedback!

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We've heard you. Trying a new brand is ultimately scary and most times a frustrating experience (we know we're online shoppers too!). If you've never tried hernest before your first return is on us. This excludes items purchased at a discount. 

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We believe fashion can be a catalyst for change. We have embedded our business with the values we believe it takes to belong in a sustainable society.We invest in renewable offset projects, donate new garments to local women's charities and work diligently to improve our footprint. We up-cycle our waste, and we plant a tree for each review left on our site. Our efforts are on-going, evolving and aligned with the UN SDG's. 

visual guide.

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We were founded out of self-discovery - finding yourself, being yourself… we’re all about it. We’re confident, but rest assured we’re thankful you have our backs.

At hernest we understand the challenge of finding sleepwear and loungewear that is uncompromising on comfort and style. We also know the apparel industry is a big contributor to our environmental crisis and social injustice. We want to do things differently and influence change in our industry by changing the world through our business practices.

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