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Hernest Founder answers 5 most asked questions!

Hernest Founder answers 5 most asked questions!

Cassandra Osborn |

Where Did The Idea Come From?


"The idea really started after we moved to Germany. I was home with my 1 and 2 year-olds and trying to navigate the day with sanity and enthusiasm. Between early mornings (like 5 am every day with my son), early bedtimes and lots of time spent kneeling, reading books and making snacks, I felt like I wanted better “house clothes.” Putting on makeup and getting dressed for the day wasn’t really my style to begin with. I knew that wasn’t what I needed to make me feel “better”. I’ve always been a jeans and tee girl, but jeans and tees aren’t that comfortable at home. Anyway, that year I asked my husband for a “nice” set of Pajamas or a loungewear set for Christmas. Something I could move in, wouldn't make me sweat and had no synthetics. I said I needed to be able to wear these all day if I have to… Needless to say what I got wasn’t what I had in mind 😉. That is what sparked the idea." 

What is Something You Wish More People Knew About Slow Fashion? 

"I wish it was easier for people to understand that slow fashion / ethical fashion / sustainable fashion (whatever words people associate with fashion that’s created with purpose) is the whole package. Considered design, slow processes, considered fabrics and ethical supply chains, sustainability goals, more inclusive sizing etc (I’m sure I’m forgetting something). It’s evolving and adaptable. There is no single best practice but there are ‘better’ ways to do things. I wish people understood that it’s not a “constraint” / “hardship” to shop this way, BUT it’s actually quite liberating and joyful. I feel like slow fashion gives control back to the consumer in an ever-out-of-control world."

What is your background?  

"I am actually a CPA  (although I gave up my designation in 2021) and not a designerI got my accounting designation in 2003 because it was a career I knew I could always fall back on. That is the most conventional thing I did. The minute I had my designation, I left traditional accounting roles and instead went to work as a bike guide in Europe (following the tour de France) and then working in non-profit and other industries. Eventually landing in fashion wholesale for a brand that was pioneering natural clothing for the outdoors." 

What is The Hardest Part of Running Hernest? 

"There are challenges in all areas of the business. I think it all comes down to trying to grow sustainably. The fashion industry is very old and there are ingrained ways of doing things and coming at it from a baseline of sustainability is really difficult because nothing is very conventional and we’re always challenging the status quo, from supply chain to marketing. I spend my days trying to ensure what I'm putting out into the world is aligned with hernest values - it takes constant re-thinking and educating each person that plays a role in that"

What is The Highlight of building Hernest?   

"There are two things that bring me lots of joy. The first is customers. I love when I get positive feedback about how Hernest has brought joy to someone’s life and taught them about slow fashion along the way. That is just the best and that is a big part of WHY I continue to push through. The second  is knowing that I’m trying to do something innovative and aligned with values and practices that put people and planet first."


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