Comfortable is the new sexy - hernest project inception story

The hernest inception story isn’t something you haven’t  heard before   - after many failed attempts at finding the perfect pyjama pants, a crazy aha moment in the midst of trying to find myself, I decided to make a considered attempt at creating them.….  But really, there are literally thousands of brands making sleepwear (I can hear you thinking). Yes, there are. So how are we different? And what makes us special?

  • Pant cuffs that don’t bunch or ride up
  • soft as silk fabrics that breathe
  • flattering, modern styles
  • styles that work for the morning routine or the evening brain storm session
  • waists that don’t dig
  • Suitcase, and weekend at the in-laws friendly
  • low maintenance, in for the long haul - no pilling, shrinking or bagging.
  • all while upholding 21st century business practices of ethics and sustainability

3 images of behind the scenes work at hernest

It all started when I  told my husband I wanted sleepwear for Christmas. I was tired of wearing old boxers and see through t-shirts. He knew my sleepwear issues and I hoped he could find the solution for me! I love him, and I’m grateful he failed because it sent me on an incredible journey.

I started with the goal to make sleepwear a considered part of a women’s wardrobe. Guided by my own values and heavily influenced by a growing understanding that our choices have the power to make a significant impact on not only our personal lives, but the lives of others and our planet.

It took 2 years of environmental and ethical research, countless prototypes, product testing and deep reflection about whether the world really needed another maker of sleepwear.  I landed with a launch collection of 5 everyday styles in a classic color palette that can take you from night to day and back again.

The journey is just beginning! 

5 girls on a couch wearing hernest project sleepwear



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I received my Hernest jumpsuit yesterday and I just wanted to write to tell you how much I love it!. The fabric is incredible and the fit is perfect. I have to admit that initially I hesitated in placing my order because of the cost. However, given the quality of the garment received, I am certain that this was money well spent…and frankly, I deserve it! Good luck with this initiative and I know that other woman will appreciate their purchase as much as I do, not only for its’ beauty and comfort, but for the environmental consciousness of the business model itself. I am looking forward to building my Hernest wardrobe , one piece at a time.

Thank you,
Constance Peacock

Constance Peacock February 09, 2019

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