hernest Introduces the Cosette Duster and the Margo Crop Pant


Two new styles have landed at hernest to launch us into spring! The Cosette Duster and the Margo Crop Pant. We have been so excited about these transitional styles and how easily they work with our existing pieces— and how much versatility they add to your wardrobe overall.


First Up - The Margo Crop Pant

Margo is versatile, flexible, fun and classy. Worn like palazzo’s or cinched for a completely different vibe she’s got you covered!



We called these the Margo because these ladies GO everywhere. They go to the airport for comfortable air travel, they go to the dog park, or out to brunch. Pair them with sneakers or pair them with flats, ankle booties or even a heel and sleek sweater. These crop pants even go happily to bed, silky against the skin and not too warm to sleep in— (but also somehow, not cold either!) Two deep side pockets and wit just the right amount of rise to sit comfortably just below the belly button. To say we love these is an understatement!



Next - The Cosette Duster 

The Cosette Duster, named for the instant cozy comfort it adds when added to your outfit, is made from a beautiful, soft, luxe feeling fabric. It has a slight rib texture, thumb holes, and deep pockets on the front. There is also a large single wooden button on the front to secure the duster. 



There is one little SNAG with this one though! 

Although we did our homework on this fabric, during the milling process, something changed, and now it pills more than we're comfortable with. While annoying, the pills are easily removed with a fabric shaver (don’t pick at them!) We also noticed the fabric is susceptible to pulls - sharp objects caught on the threads will catch and create a small pull. 


In the spirit of full transparency, we feel that this simply doesn’t meet the standard for the type of clothing we aim to produce. Many larger companies have policies in place for situations exactly like this. It is NOT at all uncommon for fabric to “change” during the milling process. Some companies have seconds or outlets, and many would simply dump problem fabric into the nearest landfill and be done with it. Obviously, this is not (and never will be) an option at hernest. At this time, we will be offering this iteration of the Cosette at cost. We are leaning into or values of integrity, commitment to transparency and sustainability. Though the fabric turned out differently than we had anticipated, the Cosette is still impossibly cozy, the pockets are still large and useful, the stitching and fit are incredible, it is still sustainably and ethically produced and with proper care can and does remain beautiful. 

We hope you will love curling up in it for show-bingeing or are thrilled to throw it on for morning coffee or afternoon yoga, especially at a literally unbeatable price.




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